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Michael Elliott 
Our most distant Elliott  ancestors, so far discovered, are Michael Elliott from the Parish of Clones, first described by Aunt Nancy Morton Mather as her mother's father, and possibly Michael's father George Elliott.  

Michael first appears in public records in 1832. He was in his mid-forties, living in the Parish of Clones (pronounced with two syllables: clo'-nis -- today's inhabitants say Clones rhymes with 'bonus') straddling the counties of Fermanagh and Monaghan in the province of Ulster. At this time, Elliotts had lived in the area for over 200 years. 

Historical summaries: 1830's

Annaghilly North 1832 The gently rolling farmland here is dotted with small lakes, woods and slow moving streams. Michael's home was on the Fermanagh side, in a townland called Annaghilly North. 
Click here for: map of Annaghilly North environs
Tithe assessor 
October 1832
Aunt Nancy said Michael was a lawyer, though there is no evidence of this yet found. In 1832 he was what we might call a tax assessor. Michael was one of two commissioners of the tithe assessment for Clones Parish, an effort to re-calculate annual payments to support the Church of Ireland. It was an extremely contentious issue, as the basis for the assessment was occupation of land, not ownership, and now included pasture land -- a double blow to the poorer, mostly Roman Catholic tenant farmers. 
Michael began his assessment in October of 1832, collecting the names of each landholder, and recording the amount of land and, based on average produce prices and land quality, he calculated their annual tithes. His work lasted for at least a year as he visited every townland or farm in the parish, collecting the information that would be added to the Tithe Applotment Books of Ireland. 

Click here for: an affidavit concerning Michael's finances

Meets Anne Fitzgerald 
While surveying the south-east end of the parish, Michael would have met James Fitzgerald of Clonavilla in the Manor of Tierney, County Monaghan. Michael and James's 26 year-old daughter Anne Fitzgerald were married in 1833.
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